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These times of change call for all of us to share our knowledge and intuitions for the healing of the greater collective. My spiritual work includes providing spiritual guidance towards compassionate healing for those who are open to awareness and transparency on life’s paths.


As a Spiritualist with a PhD in Nursing, I am offering my background of years’ long experience in mental health and the guidance of my guides who join me in providing connection with your highest guides for direction, protection, and exploration of your inner terrains.


I am also an initiated priest of Yemayá in the Lucumi Tradition and my understanding of the mysteries of life are influenced by the Goddess Tradition as well.


My sessions flow personalized with what moves you toward your highest well-being. With clarity on how to enrich our lives within the context of healthy self-identity, relationships, and careers, we are better equipped to exist and prosper in our abundant and loving Universe.


Theresa Varela, PhD

Spiritual Consultations
Spiritual Consultations

A spiritual consultation may be the door opener to a deeper relationship with Spirit, a continuance of communication with a person or pet that you have loved who has crossed over, or the portal to a life beyond your wildest dreams.
During these sessions, I may read the Graciella La Gitana Oracle© deck, the tarot, or a channeling of Spirit who appears for your highest good. Thirty-minute, 60-minute, or multiple sessions available, contact me to set up.

Spiritual Consultations

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life’s path? The reasons why you experience similar situations repeatedly? Or why things always seem easier for others than you? A natal astrology reading will show you the blueprint you came into this lifetime with and explains the planets and placements in your personal wheelhouse. Interested in a personalized 15-minute mini-reading? Contact me.


I am the author of Coney Island Siren, Nights of Indigo Blue: A Daisy Muñiz Mystery, Covering the Sun with My Hand, and Answered by Silence: a collection of poems. Am the Creator of Graciella la Gitana Oracle/Oráculo de Graciella la Gitana. Branding myself as an Award-winning Nuyorican author would only honor one thing about me. I have a PhD in Nursing Research and Theory Development from New York University. When I’m not writing I work in a New York City shelter for women living with mental illness as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.   READ MORE


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