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February's Full Moon Roars

Leo's full moon requires us to wholeheartedly embrace ourselves! Just imagine yourself with your heart full, vibrant, and healthy. What a beautiful image, isn't it?

The full moon is a time to celebrate. We put down our work tools and our worries. Why not pick up a glass of champagne? A cup of hot cocoa? or better yet, a tall glass of cool water that reminds us that we are pure of heart and deserve to give ourselves the best that we can. The love that we hold in this muscle of hope and desire is life itself.

Take time to close your eyes and visualize the strong beating of your heart. Know that whatever has transpired in your life may be treated as a lesson of how to learn to love yourself. That the only way we can truly love another is to love ourselves first. We don't have to allow past experiences to taint our hearts or to make our lives fearful and brittle.

Affirmation: This full moon reminds me to love myself fully. Its light reminds me that I am of the light. Its beauty reminds me that I am strong and beautiful too. For I am the moon's child, and it will always love me.

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